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On March 19, 2019, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) published its global intellectual property report 2018.Asian innovators filed more than half of their international patent applications through WIPO for the first time in 2018, with significant growth in China, India and South Korea, the report noted. As a technology-intensive industry, pharmaceutical industry attaches great importance to patent application and intellectual property protection. In recent years, the size of the global pharmaceutical market has maintained a steady growth, with China, South Korea, India and other emerging markets presenting a rapid growth momentum. With the acceleration of economic globalization, more and more Chinese pharmaceutical companies are entering the European and American markets, and multinational pharmaceutical companies are also increasing their investment in emerging markets.
Due to the different intellectual property policies of different countries, the strategic layout of global intellectual property, the differences of pharmaceutical intellectual property policies of Asia-pacific countries, the patent review process, litigation procedures and Generic drug patent strategy have gradually become the hot spots of the pharmaceutical intellectual property industry. In this context, the Asia-Pacific Pharma Intellectual Property Leader Summit will be held in Beijing on November 14-15, and will attract more than 400 industry experts from domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, governments, associations, law firms, intellectual property agents and other companies to attend.
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    Two - Day Conference, Two - days Networking Lunch, Coffee Breaks, Electronic Copy of Presentation PPTs, Introduction guests
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    Engage with 400+ participants in pharmaceutical intellectual property field, Meet with senior decision makers from startups to global multinational corporationsくァ; Enhance brand awareness
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    Insight into industry trends↑┾; Discuss with senior decision makers from domestic and international enterprises about the hottest topics, and present your innovative ideas⑹; Make voices through online and offline media◢Ⅵ⑹ま⒔; Enhance brand awareness
  • Interpretation of Policy-Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Policies and Regulations under the New Situation
    Day one morning
  • Pharmaceutical R&D Innovation and IP Protection -- Global Vision
    Day one afternoon
  • Case Sharing of Invalidity, Infringement, Litigation
    Day two morning
  • Opportunities and challenges for generics companies under the new situation
    Day two afternoon

1.         Interpretation of Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Policies and Regulations under the New Situation

2.         Judicial innovation promotes the development of pharmaceutical intellectual property

3.         The Unitary Patent Court and Brexit -- Opportunities and challenges for drug companies in the new political and legislative environment

4.         European, American and Japanese Medical Patent Examination Cases and its implications for Domestic Pharmaceutical Companies

5.         Intellectual Property Management Experience in Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies, Patent Layout Strategy, Litigation Strategy

6.         The global layout of intellectual property of emerging market pharmaceutical companies, under the background of globalization

7.         Patent cliff coming, patent infringement suits case proliferates, how does Pharmaceutical companies deal with

8.         Trade frictions between China and the United States are escalating, patent litigation in the United States and its implications for Chinese pharmaceutical companies

9.         The Strategy of Indian Generic Drug Companies in R&D and Pre-PA

10.     Litigation of Generic Drug--- How to avoid the Patent Trap

11.     Hotspot analysis of pharmaceutical patent invalidation cases in China, Japan and South Korea

12.     Opportunities and challenges of pharmaceutical companies under patent extension compensation system---Encouraging competitions, not stifling innovation



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